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I recently received an iTunes voucher as a gift and was a bit perplexed at the idea of using it. I like to think I have an idea of current gadgetry and how to use a few popular apps. However, using a voucher to download music was new to me. I uploaded most of my cd collection to iTunes when I first bought an iPod many years ago, and then downloaded them to various Apple products since. I have also bought directly from iTunes – it’s so easy, really; I bought the last Muse album (The 2nd Law) and when they only had an EP – Kodaline’s small collection of songs. I previously wrote about one their tracks here.

This task might seem a bit trivial for many, but I haven’t really grasped the online purchasing concept just yet. My wife seems to do enough for both of us! 🙂 Anyway, I logged in to iTunes and spent the voucher, deciding to use it for some nostalgic sounds, something the kids like dancing to and some songs I like from listening to the radio. It’s not the most exciting playlist for a 21st century generation, but I think you’ll agree it is a diverse selection and I’m sure some of you will like some of the choices. They’re listed in no particular order.

Passengers. All the little lights
Little Green Cars. My love took me down to the river
Stereophonics. Indian Summer
The Rolling Stones. Angie
Justin Timberlake. Cry Me A River
Stiff Little Fingers. Alternative Ulster
David Bowie. Loving The Alien
David Bowie. Absolute Beginners
Annihilator. Alison Hell
Mike Oldfield. Moonlight Shadows
Plain White T’s. Hey There Delilah
Ludovico Einaudi. Nuvole bianche
Natalie Imbruglia. Torn

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I’m sure most of you have experienced a time when, without warning, a song or tune floats continuously through your head. All day you hum, whistle and sing the tune! Sometimes it’s recognisable to you straight away; then other times this melody drives you mad as you try figure out what it is.

Today, I’ve had a repetitive musical air follow me. All day. Thankfully, I know the song, and who sings it. Thankfully, it’s a song I love. I first heard it by chance last year; I bought the EP and shared my newfound musical treasure to my wife and friends. I played it constantly at home and in the car; and sung it passionately while playing air guitar. (My wife will undoubtedly question my use here of the verb ‘sung’!!).

Weeks later, I was thrilled to discover the band are from Dublin – my birthplace and home for many years! A few months later, a song from their aforementioned EP was chosen to be played during a scene in the hospital drama, Grey’s Anatomy. Sales of this track (and the band’s EP) shot through the roof afterwards.

Who am I writing about? Kodaline. The song going through my head most of last year and today is ‘All I Want’. So, I thought I should share it with you. Be warned, I’m going to attach links, and when you click and listen to this track you will be humming it all day. If you already know this song, you’re probably already humming it!

Check iTunes for the original EP and song. Check YouTube for Kodaline videos, or for a huge selection of cover versions from guitar wielding admirers. Whilst there, you can also check out some of their live sessions. A really beautiful one is here, when Kodaline sang at the TodayFM radio studio for Ian Dempsey’s Breakfast Show.

Today, I hummed and whistled this gorgeous song and melody. My two and a half year old son has a nicely developing musical ear, so he joined me in humming this song. Then my seven year old daughter heard us and joined our chorus. I then threw in some enthusiastic finger drumming (and the compulsory bit of air guitar) and we rocked our way through the kitchen and the day. ‘All I Want’ is definitely an enjoyable tune. It’s certainly not a song worm.

Now it’s your turn…

still shot from the TodayFM / Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show recording on YouTube