Over the last few weeks I’ve been away from the keyboard. The reason for this started with a hectic workload, with the added urgency of trying to get certain things finished before I took a week off. Then, the gorgeous weather and time out with family distracted me from the Internet. Since we arrived home, every member of this family has individually or collectively had an illness. We’re nearly out of the woods – time is a great healer!

So to get back into the swing of things here, I want to mention a great piece of work by an amazing group of women who represent AIMS Ireland:

I’m a bit late in stating this, but Congratulations to all the gang in AIMS Ireland on getting the ’42 Weeks’ campaign up and running. The website looks great and is a credit to the women involved and who volunteer their time to improve the maternity services in Ireland. Our family have been supporters of AIMS Ireland for a few years for personal and general humanitarian reasons. I was also lucky enough to be asked to help them with the 42 Weeks logo, so I hope it works for them.

I also want to mention here the last minute help I received from Si Murphy of Illustrious State for sharing his expertise. Facebook can (sometimes) be a pain for me, but thankfully Si helped me resolve an issue with it and the 42 Weeks logo.

So, in the spirit of the campaign, my effort to spread the idea that the Estimated Due Date (EDD) offered to expectant mothers from the maternity hospitals in Ireland is can be slightly less than the natural 42 Week. Our first child was two weeks over the EDD according to the hospital, yet when she arrived the midwife reckoned our newborn was rushed out!? We agreed with the midwife – our EDD was a couple of days after the actual birth, not two weeks prior.

Anyway, I’ve changed my app images to the 42 Weeks logo to help spread the word about the 42 Weeks timeframe on pregnancy. Maybe you’ll join the rest of us, even for a day / week / month to help the pregnant women (and their partners) know that the hospital date (EDD) might be a bit off, so you can relax and enjoy the pregnancy all the way through to 42 Weeks!