The last couple of weeks have been a bit hectic – family stuff, sorting out cars, employment, writing a blog post, losing blogpost, rewriting, more family stuff – life can be really busy when you feel you don’t even have a life!! Anyway, today I got to slow down a bit and sit at my desk and be creative.

At the moment, I’m working on some product labels for six green bottles. This is not paid employment. Hopefully it will develop into that! My wife is the aromatherapist, and I’m the supportive husband who does the designy bits! You can see our work here at the online store, the first edition site that’s currently being redesigned.

There are six different essential oil blends for women who are either pregnant, giving birth, and for motherhood afterwards. There’s also the bespoke option – the blend just for you (with a consultation from the aromatherapist of course!) Some feedback from friends has definitely helped create a more effective design – thanks! what else have I learned – I’m surprised by how much work is needed in designing a bottle of product for sale.

Thankfully, the label design is nearly finished. I also got to start on the brochure to describe the product, and a possible ezine / newsletter that can go out to existing and potential customers. Then I put some thought into the new website that will have to be redesigned to link in with the new branding style. Obviously, there’s going to be photography to capture the new look and show the organic, natural essence of the oil blends. And I also have the packaging of these products – i.e. what kind of container will protect the glass bottle through its delivery by the national postage system?

Once my creative mind started flowing I even daydreamed into shooting a small advert to put onto the website and YouTube. To be honest, the primary goal here was me getting to do more creative stuff rather than attract sales! It benefits us both so the idea is on the to-do list now. 🙂

So, throughout the day I have felt relaxed, compared to all the running around I’ve had over the last few days. I haven’t finished much today, and I’ve started more projects and identified extra tasks to lists. I never would have looked at six green bottles and understood how much work is involved in getting someone to admire them, and their contents, so much so that they choose to buy it. It is definitely a creative process, and needless to say – I’m still loving it!