When I started this blog earlier this year I had a goal of posting something every two weeks. That gave me plenty of time to come up with a topic, write about it and then post it – and still allow time for work, family and everything else on the sidelines.

However, if you read my previous post, you will understand that sometimes plans don’t go according to plan! So, in an effort to be more organised and focused on writing for this blog, I thought I’d start something new to keep up the momentum each week.

You see, I’m currently reading Scott Belsky’s book ‘Making Ideas Happen‘, which is, so far, a very enjoyable and productive read. The title provides the brief description of what the book is about, and I’ll elaborate with a sentence from the cover page:

“This bestselling book reveals the three steps vital to making any idea happen: getting organized, collaborating and leading effectively.”

It suggests some steps on how to prioritise all your ideas, and then how to make (some of) them a reality. I included ‘some of’ in the previous sentence, as Belsky (thankfully) acknowledges that we often have too many ideas to carry through to completion. So, is it not better to work on some projects to the end, rather than constantly talk about ALL the ideas you would like to complete – if you had the time? He also reminds the reader that developing ideas involves a lot of work, quoting Edison’s mantra of “1% inspiration, 99% perspiration”.

After several months of writing here I agree with this concept. I’m enjoying the act of blogging, and I want to at least complete my initial commitment of a blog post every fortnight. However, with family being a huge part of my life at the moment, more so than design; I have a tendency to consider writing about family days rather than design!

So, the new concept for my blog, each Wednesday, is to simply present an inspirational design I like, and hope it will please some readers too. I might even get a design / picture of my own into this slot some day soon! 😉 Anyway, here’s the first of many:

I saw this picture online many years ago and thought it was beautiful. I still love it! However, I can’t remember who did it, or where I found the picture. It is made up of all the dots and full stops the artist found in print media, and she then stuck them onto a large sheet to admire them. Isn’t it amazingly simple, yet beautiful? Do you know the artist?

You can download a free PDF copy of the Scott Belsky book here. Not sure how this site can offer it for free, but it’s there.