Most days of the year I struggle to sleep. I know there are numerous reasons to diagnose this burden, but I often love the peace & quiet a very late night or early morning brings to me.

I mentioned previously that I hoped to use this blog for a record of my creative development and practices. I diverged into parenting for a while but I’m hoping to focus more on the design stuff here, again. It hasn’t taken me the last few absent months to come up with this plan (I’m not that slow!), I’ve tried to prioritise the other things in life.

However, the other morning I awoke at 4:15am, not too unusual for me, and for some reason I had words that seemed like poetry in my head. The need to sleep created a struggle with these thoughts, so I did some reading to try send me back to sleep. However, when the bird singing started a few hours later I knew I had lost a small battle.

So I focused my thoughts and wrote the following words. They seemed to describe the time of writing, coincidentally. I’ve never read much poetry, or written it beyond the romantic verses of February 14th, so this is a bit of a surprise. So, here it is.


Glorious morning greets the night
with gentle touch, with new light

Hardness softens with a touch,
light caresses, a nudge, life’s such

Moisture lifts, tenuous strands
Bring forth the joys
this common land.

And so, we watch; life renew
This day fell late, I owe to you

Soft, morning, glory, dew
Bring forth this day
for me, for you

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