I know most people with children are all a flutter at the moment due to the back to school flurry. Thankfully, that’s not too much of an issue in our household, but I’m hoping to roll with the masses and create for myself a routine, now that the summer is coming to an end. The weather was amazing this year, so I had plenty of fun with the kids, and used the time to explore places near and far. 

I’ll try mention some of the details in future posts, but I first wanted to tell you that I’m kinda moving the blog to another realm. I originally set up a blog for ‘rothklee’ to help me keep track of my creative development – writing about my creative projects and the work of others that inspired me along the way. However, most of the time I have harped on about my role as a parent. Some of the posts mentioned a creative aspect, but overall, it’s main focus was on parenting.

Therefore, I’ve decided to take my parenting observations across to one of the projects I’ve worked on for a while – BirthingMamas. My wife does a lot of work around pregnancy, birth, and some parenting. So, she has invited me to write my ‘parent’ blogposts within her blog at BirthingMamas. This will compliment her work with parents, ease some of the pressure for her to constantly write something, and help me keep my focus over at rothklee. 

So, if you’ve enjoyed the parenting blogposts, please follow me over to the BirthingMamas blog. I’m tagging my posts there as ‘Birth+Papas’, to help identify my posts from the BirthingMamas stuff, and hopefully encourage male readers to identify what is a father’s observations on this rollercoaster ride called ‘parenting’. I’ll probably struggle with separating and maintaining the two blogs over the next few months, but I will hopefully get into a routine by the new year.

So, keep watching this space for my comments on creativity, and follow me over to BirthingMamas for the other stuff. Thanks 🙂

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